You are hereDescription of the Project MO.DI.P. of the T.E.I. of Patras

Description of the Project MO.DI.P. of the T.E.I. of Patras

The project MO.DI.P. of the TEI of Patras reinforces the strategy of the Institution in the field of Quality Assurance, contributing substantially to a nationally designated target, for a system of Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
The main objective of the project titled "Organization and Support of the MO.DI.P. of the TEI of Patras " is the establishment of an integrated approach towards reporting, understanding and systematic assessing the work of the Academic Units (Departments or Schools) of the TEI of Patras.
The project mainly deals with:

  • The organization of the Evaluation System of the TEI of Patras
  • The development of an internal quality information system, compatible with the processes of ADIP, which will support the evaluation process and will enable the safe import of standardized data, the reliable management of the results, and the creation of reports in a web-based environment
  • Staffing the Quality Assurance Unit (MO.DI.P.) of the TEI of Patras with expertised scientific and administrative / technical workforce
  • The development of the methodological infrastructure of the evaluation system
  • Supporting the work of the Internal Evaluation Groups (OM.E.A)

More specifically, the Project MO.DI.P. of the T.E.I. of Patras aims towards:

  • Promoting and disseminating knowledge and information on trends, prospects and practices of Quality Assurance to the TEI of Patras.
  • Designing systems and quality assurance procedures, as well as monitoring, coordinating and supporting the evaluation of the Institution’s Academic Units.
  • Decoding the results of the evaluation and drafting plans and proposals to the T.E.I. of Patras, with regards to actions for improving the quality of the educational and research services.
  • Maintaining a database with data from the Annual Internal Reports and any other assessment criterion of each Academic Unit / Program / Service of the Institution under consideration.
  • Studying and presenting the level of services provided to students at Institutional level (Library, Network Services, Career Office, Office of European Programs, Sports Venues, Student Welfare, etc.).
  • Conducting surveys with the participation of graduates, employers, other organizations, etc. in order to assess the quality of studies and services offered by the Institution.
  • Dissemination of information and techniques / practices related to the  improvement of the quality of the educational and other services provided by the institution

The MO.DI.P Project is administratively divided in the following work packages:

  • Work Package 1: Supporting the operation of the MO.DI.P. and OM.E.A. of the TEI of Patras
  • Work Package 2: Development of the Information System to support the operation of the MO.DI.P of the TEI of Patras
  • Work Package 3: Training
  • Work Package 4: Dissemination Activities
  • WP 5: Project Evaluation